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Zeplin has just reached 1 million users.
Seriously, 1 million users!
Are you a Zepliner?

Story behind the million

We’re a small, hard-working crew from Istanbul and San Francisco.
Every week, we talk with hundreds of users around the world, to improve Zeplin. Big thanks to all Zeplin-ers!

Started building Zeplin
Released beta
Joined Y Combinator
Launched 1.0! 🎉
~40K users back then
Raised seed round
Started generating CSS snippets from designs
First export from Photoshop
Released Windows app beta
Released team management features with the Organization plan
Started storing versions of designs
Released React Native snippets
İsmail’s bike got stolen
Changed our Sketch plugin shortcut to ⌥⌘E
Released Figma integration
Hit 1,000,000 users
…including the best product teams like Pinterest, Slack, Airbnb.
Released Trello integration, roo!

…and the crew behind all this: