Zeplin's 2015

ZEPLIN 's 2015

A whole year just passed, an amazing year for Zeplin!

We wanted to share the story and also some of the
design patterns we've seen in Zeplin. 🎄

Users from
69,890 Projects created
1,983,396Sketch artboards exported
75,862 Export errors! Shame! Bell of shame
11,941 Emails (from you!)
1,993 Twitter replies

Tweet of the year!

Tweet of the Year
Joined Y Combinator!
Launched 1.0 in July...
...then released 5 updates in 4 hours! Hand drawn smiley face
3,662,944Assets exported

So a designer didn't have to slice assets ~300 times!

Most used colors

Most used fonts

iOS: Avenir Next, Open Sans
Android: Open Sans, Lato
Web: Open Sans, Proxima Nova
Except the oldies but goldies: Helvetica Neue, San Francisco, Roboto

Most used screen sizes

Most used screen sizes
iOS: 375x667px, @1x
Android: 360x640px, mdpi
Web: 1440x1024px

Wish we could give you a personalized review, based on your designs. Don't have that yet, but hopefully next year!
Thanks for this awesome year! <3

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Wish you a very happy new year!
Zeplin Crew
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