First of all, thank you! Zeplin Crew

Beta to 1.0

This manual includes the TRANSITION PROCESS and the new features. Please read it, it’ll help you a lot. 🙏

What’s new?

1. Asset Generation


Draw a slice or just select "Make Exportable" in Sketch before exporting screens to Zeplin.
You don’t even need to select the different sizes. Zeplin will generate all the sizes you need.

2. Multiple Artboard Export

Multiple Artboard Export

Select multiple artboards (or layers in those artboards) and do the usual! From the Sketch menu,
"Plugins > Zeplin > Export Selected Artboards" (⌘+E)

3. Brand New Interface

Brand new interface

A new, keyboard friendly, clean UI. No more scrolling like crazy in the left bar!

Renaming Projects

Finally. You’ll be able to rename your projects from the dashboard.

Keep Groups Groups Together

Use our new plugin to keep groups together while exporting. (⌘+⇧+X)

Color Formats

You can now select which format you want the colors to be in:

Hide/Show Notes


Global Project Density

Now you don’t need to select the density for each screen, it’s defined under the project!

Pan with Space Bar



If you’re using the FREE plan:

*IMPORTANT* Zeplin’s free plan includes 1 project,
and only the project owners can upload designs to these projects

If you currently have more than 1 project and did not subscribe yet:


For 2 weeks, you can archive your extra projects.
(Normally archiving feature won’t be available in the Free plan.)

Archiving projects


If you don’t, we won’t delete your projects though, no worries! They’ll be archived automatically after the 2 week period.
Go ahead and archive the projects you don’t need so that you can keep the one that is important active.


If you change your mind and decide to subscribe to a plan in the future, you’ll be able to
"re-activate" your projects and jump right back.

If you already SUBSCRIBED for a plan:

All the projects you have should be under the account you subscribed with.
So we now a "Transfer Ownership" feature where you can transfer the projects under a free account to the "subscribed account". *Subscribed account: The account you paid with.


Click on the "Settings" button in the "All Projects" screen.
If you’re the owner, you’ll see the the "Transfer ownership" option.

Transfer ownership


Make sure that the subscribed account is already a member of your project.
If not, you can invite it from the same menu.

Inviting teammates


You are all set!
After transferring, all your team members can keep using Zeplin as how it is now!


Only the "subscribed account" can create the projects (for now).
(Or if you have free project slot under your account, you can create one and than transfer it.)

Here is the overall structure:



Subscribed account
Create / delete projects.
And the ones below!

Admin Admin Admin


Archive / activate projects.
Remove project members
Assign another members as Admin
Delete comments / notes
And the ones below!

User User User User User User User

Team members

Invite team members
Upload designs

Hope this was helpful! If you still have questions, let us know:

Now it’s time to 1.0!!!

Download the new Mac app 🎉 🎈 🎉 🎈 🎈 🎊