So yeah, Slack tried Zeplin:)

Imagine all your team communication in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. That’s Slack. It brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.

As Zeplin team, we started using Slack a year ago. And it’s been 7 months since Slack started using Zeplin :) We love you guys <3

Shannon Tinkley
Shannon Tinkley
Product Designer @Slack

We talked to Shannon, Product designer at Slack about their handoff experience with Zeplin:

How was your design handoff process before Zeplin?

Redlining and full speccing took way too much time and wasn’t as flexible as I would’ve liked. Every little tweak turned into a huge job of updating screens and assets.

"I absolutely love how everyone is on the same page for layout, sizing, and colors - it saves me so much time, it’s crazy."

Once concepts are in a more solidified state I push my screens out to Zeplin. Each of my Zeplin projects are based on feature flows. This way the whole team gets their eyes on it nice and early and allows us to nail down things that might have been previously overlooked. From there we just continue to iterate and tweak, and the newest stuff is always publically available to the team. This allows the devs to get a good jump on features and design no longer feels like a bottleneck.

What you think about Zeplin so far?

In regards to layouts, it meets most of our needs. We’ve had a bit of confusion around updated screens etc. because it doesn’t automatically alert people, but I guess that’s a good problem to have because it shows that we use it quite frequently. I absolutely love how everyone is on the same page for layout, sizing, and colors - it saves me so much time, it’s crazy.

"Makes designing for Android in general way more pleasant!"

Zeplin really holds me accountable for my designs - right from the get go I have to be conscious of my padding/fonts/layouts and it’s making me better at my job. It’s also wonderful because I get to design in xxhdpi and my team can grab all the measurements in mdpi. Makes designing for Android in general way more pleasant!

Also one of the developers in Shannon’s team added:

Having the ability to quickly get the measurement that is most useful to me and not the one deemed most useful by the designer is invaluable. For example, I’d always get redlines telling me measurements from the top of a textview to the top of a cell, but thanks to Android’s font rendering, that’s not helpful in getting things lined up perfectly. Just moving my mouse around showing me all the things I can measure distance against is just awesome.

How do you spend the free time that Zeplin saves you?

In the time that Zeplin saves me I get to iterate and tweak and do the creative work I enjoy most!