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Veeva improves cross-team collaboration with Zeplin

Veeva at a glance

Globally distributed

Headquartered in California with a large team of over 5,000+ employees and 1,200+ global customers

Leading cloud-based software company

Veeva’s CRM systems are used by 47 of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Bayer

Making a difference

First publicly traded company to convert to a public benefit corporation dedicated to serving the community

We started to engage our UX team in conversations, and suddenly that opened the eyes of the engineering team about what was going on and overall streamlined our build process.

Robert Burton, Design Operations Manager
Design Operations Manager  @Veeva

What Veeva achieved with Zeplin

Better cross-team collaboration

Zeplin supports DesignOps by streamlining the design-to-development process, supporting 450+ iOS components, and enabling stakeholder alignment.

A more organized design workflow

Zeplin manages design system guidelines, templates, and over 60 color palettes to ensure product compliance across design and development teams.

Seamless design tool transition

Zeplin made it easier for the design team to switch to Figma by keeping their established file organization, structure, and workflow in place.

Zeplin helps your team operate efficiently