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Changing units

If necessary, Zeplin automatically converts units based on your project type and density.

  • For iOS and macOS projects, measurements are in pt.
  • For Android projects, measurements are in dp.
  • For Web projects, measurements are in px.

For example, for a 640×1136px iOS design (which is 2x), a 20px measurement will be displayed as 10pt to help developers out, since they use 1x values while coding.

All the measurements are wrong, half/twice the size!

This is probably related to your project density. For each project, the density only needs to be selected once by the designers, so that they can pick the “resolution of the design” that they are working on.

Let’s say you’re working on a 640×1136px iOS artboard. In this case, you need to select 2x as your project density. Then, if a measurement is 20px in Sketch, Zeplin will display it as 10pt to help developers out since they use 1x values while coding.

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