Connected Components—connecting design systems and engineering

Access components in your codebase right on the designs, with links to Storybook, GitHub and any other source of documentation.

Component to code (mobile) Component to code

Bring development context to designs

Make your components visible within designs, promoting reusability. Access a summary of your component with:

  • Documentation
  • Bite-sized code snippet describing how to initialize it
  • Links to Storybook, GitHub and so on
Discover and learn more about your components (mobile) Discover and learn more about your components

Help your team get familiar with your design system

Familiarizing yourself with an evolving design system usually happens over time. Help your team naturally discover and learn more about your components, as they’re viewing designs.

Onboard new engineers to your UI components

Your design system is constantly evolving, so are the UI components in your codebase. Onboard new engineers to your codebase as they’re working on designs, making sure that they have quick access to up-to-date documentation.

With Connected Components, our team can now explore mockups with so much more information, enabling them to better scope out estimates for development and reduce rewriting something that’s already built.

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James Kusachi Software Engineering Manager @Zillow

Does it support my stack?

Frameworks Frameworks (mobile)


Built on top of plugins for various platforms and frameworks, including React, Vue.js, Angular and Swift.

Add links for more context Add links for more context (mobile)


Add links for more context, including Storybook, GitHub and even custom links like your internal wiki.

Build Plugin Build Plugin (mobile)

Build your own

Want to customize the code snippets? Need support for other platforms? Build your own plugin.

Sounds good, how does it work though?

Getting started is easy. Create a JSON configuration file that maps your codebase to your design system. Pick which plugins to use and run our new CLI tool.

Maps codebase to design system

How secure is it?

Zeplin’s CLI tool analyzes your component’s source code entirely locally and only stores a summary on our database, to be displayed to your team. In addition, all the tooling including the CLI and the official plugins are completely open source.

Help your team get familiar with your design system.

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