Figma + Zeplin

Designer first,
meets Developer first

Figma designers stay focused on design, collaborating across functions becomes smooth and design systems go to the next level.

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Publish finalized designs Publish finalized designs (mobile)

Stay in design flow, publish finalized designs for development

With Handoff+, go further than specs by publishing finalized designs right from Figma. Developers get locked designs to build from, while you continue designing the next great iteration. Ah, creative freedom.

Structured Workspace Structured Workspace (mobile)

A limitless canvas designers love, the structured workspace the team needs

Zeplin is a structured workspace that is friendly to developers, QA’s, PM’s and others not experienced with design tools.

With Sections and Tags, the team will easily understand designs, no need for extra documentation or design tool training.

Connect components to code Connect components to code (mobile)

Take your design system further than ever before

Extend your design system into the developer world with Zeplin.

Showcase reusable components with clarity for developers, including Figma Variants. Then, watch them go even further by connecting components to code.

Translating the wall of screens in Figma to an organized hierarchy in Zeplin connects the designers’ creative work to the developers’ production work, it’s a critical step in our workflow.
Bárbara Fontenelle Photo
Bárbara Fontenelle Product Designer @ArcTouch
Zeplin is a friendly place for non‑designers & doesn’t require any orientation, they know what to do and this saves me time & effort.
Katherine Lee Photo
Katherine Lee UX Visual Design Manager @Autodesk
If Figma is our ‘playground’ where we can run around and make as much of a mess as we need to, then Zeplin is the ‘shelf’ where we can place finalized designs.
Caroline Maxwell Photo
Caroline Maxwell Principal Designer @Superformula
Figma Loves ZeplinGet the Zeplin Plugin