Harmony Blob Gradient
Harmony Blob Gradient


Zeplin User Summit

March 7, 2023
9am - 12:30pm (PST & GMT)

Communicate better and ship products faster with insights from top-performing teams across the product design and development industry. Recordings are available now!


Roger Rohatgi - sm photo
Roger Rohatgi

Roger Rohatgi

VP Head of Design
Andy Vitale - sm photo
Andy Vitale

Andy Vitale

Rocket Companies
EVP of Design
Sophia ‘Puff’ Story - sm photo
Sophia ‘Puff’ Story

Sophia ‘Puff’ Story

3 Sided Cube
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Keynote sneak peak

A New Future for Zeplin:
The Launch of a Multi-Product Company

9:00am-9:30am PST/GMT

2023 will be an exciting year for Zeplin users. Tune in for a very special announcement from Zeplin’s co-founder and CEO, Pelin Kenez, as we kick off Harmony. Developers — we think you’ll love this one.

Pelin Kenez

Pelin Kenez

Co-founder & CEO
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