Collaboration app for UI designers & frontend developers

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P.S: We really love Sketch!


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Prepare specs & guidelines, freaking fast!

Quickly turn your designs into powerful specs and guidelines for developers. Easily document properties of UI elements, tailored to the platform you’re working on.
P.S: We won’t mess up your layers or anything - pinky swear!

Generate powerful color palettes automatically from the colors you use; export codes and resources for iOS, Android and Web.

Everything you need, in one place!

No more back-and-forths, messy email threads. Invite your teammates and keep all your design resources, needs in one location. Collaborate efficiently and save time.

This zeplin just lifted off! We’re in touch with designers and developers from all around the world, working hard to build the best product imaginable.
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We’re a small crew of three developers and one designer. With Zeplin, we’re actually scratching our own itch. All we want is a world where designers and developers can communicate well, work together efficiently and live in harmony forever. If you have any suggestions and/or questions, say hi!

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