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Why Adobe XD + Zeplin

More than 1 million designs are published every month from Adobe XD to Zeplin for development. Push ready-to-build XD designs to Zeplin, organize your workspace, and unify the entire product team from design to product.

Export from Adobe XD

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adobe xd zeplin plugin

Publish ready-to-build designs

Automate the process of sharing completed designs with developers. Store locked designs, document requirements, manage releases, centralize feedback, and more.

Easier workflows with cloud support

Export design components directly from Adobe XD cloud documents — no more saving files to local. This simple drag and drop for components you want to export and publish to Zeplin enables a much easier workflow and saves time.

Bring organization and structure to screens

Easily organize component and screen variants in an uncluttered workspace, allowing developers to toggle through variants. Stay organized with consistent file structure, searchable designs, and tracked screen versions.

get started with adobe xd

How to set up the Adobe XD integration:

  1. Install the Zeplin for Adobe XD plugin
  2. Select objects on your canvas and select Plugins > Zeplin for XD > Export Selected
  3. Open the Zeplin app where you can organize your designs and collaborate with your team

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