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Why Sketch + Zeplin

Sketch allows designers to create digital designs quickly and efficiently. Export your Sketch documents to Zeplin, and generate assets for developers automatically. Speed up your design to development workflow with Zeplin.

Export from Sketch

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Rely on a single source of truth

With versioned design assets, component libraries, and documentation right next to designs, Sketch projects imported into Zeplin serve as the single source of truth for product teams.

Organize with consistency and structure

Use sections and tags not only to organize your artboards, but also help your team prioritize their work in Zeplin. Establish uniform structure, and ensure that your product teams know how to find exactly what they need.

Build out a design system for everyone

By organizing assets into component libraries, you’ll have a unified design system that allows product teams to build better and faster. Onboard new engineers to your codebase as they’re working on designs so they have access to up-to-date documentation.

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How to connect

  1. Download and install the desktop app; you may also download the plugin file.
  2. Export your artboards by selecting any layer/artboard in your Sketch file and navigate to Plugins > Zeplin > Export Selected.
  3. Choose your desired project to export to.

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