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Why Azure DevOps + Zeplin

Azure DevOps brings engineering teams together to develop software and manage work efficiently. Zeplin’s extension for ADO lets you link Zeplin screens to work items as a visual reference of the design.

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Integration - Azure DevOps #1

Instantly preview screens

Connect Zeplin designs to ADO work items for instant previews of screens and screen sections from Zeplin.

Stay in the loop – even when versions update

New design versions now available? No problem — just refresh the work item to see updated screens in the preview.

Quickly jump to the designs you need

Click a linked screen or section to be taken directly to the design. Access optimized assets, code snippets, and requirements in Zeplin's organized workspace.

Integration - Azure DevOps #2

How to connect:

  1. Install Zeplin’s ADO extension for your organization
  2. In a new or existing work item, navigate to the “Designs from Zeplin” section
  3. Connect your Zeplin account – and start attaching screens/screen sections from Zeplin!

Zeplin’s extension for Azure DevOps is available on Organization (up to 1 project) & Enterprise plans (unlimited projects).

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