Design Delivery for the Enterprise

Enterprises rely on Zeplin to go from beautiful designs to beautiful products.

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Zeplin has been a great addition to our product toolkit, ultimately allowing us to increase our speed to market.

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Tyler Stafford, Manager, Digital Operations & Innovation
Manager, Digital Operations & Innovation  @Audi
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Demystify design intention

User Journeys

Designers can effortlessly create Flows to show all possible user paths and behaviors. Organize screens with Groups and create Boards to improve collaboration across complex projects.

Version History

Designers can control when to publish a new version, along with Commit Messages to provide clarity on what has changed between iterations.

Specs by Developers for Developers

Of course, Zeplin also provides technical specs & code snippets that developers will actually want to use.

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Unlock the multidisciplinary of the team

Inclusive Collaboration

Zeplin provides a design workspace that is friendly to non-designers. Developers, UX Writers, PMs and more use Zeplin to collaborate easily. No orientation needed.

Structured Design Workspace

Convert the creative canvas of design tools to a structured workspace where the team can collaborate.

Supercharge Feedback

Providing and managing feedback is entirely different in Zeplin. Aggregate comments at the screen level and use filters to manage it all easily.

Translating the wall of screens in Figma to an organized hierarchy in Zeplin connects the designers’ creative work to the developers’ production work, it’s a critical step in our workflow.

Bárbara Fontenelle Photo
Bárbara Fontenelle, Production Designer
Production Designer  @Arctouch
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Drive Automation & Scale

Extend Design Systems & Connect to Code

Surface reusable components for developers, removing those design system silos, and connect to running code.

Connect to Your Tools

Zeplin works alongside the tools you use every day, like Slack, Jira, Storybook, VS Code and many more.

Build Custom Workflows

Since every workflow is unique, you can build custom workflows using the Zeplin API, webhooks, and Zapier integrations to achieve the custom solution you want.

Zeplin saved a month off of each project, eliminating unnecessary back & forth exchanges and change requests, it just happened overnight.

Lanna Solci Photo
Lanna Solci, Senior UX Designer
Senior UX Designer  @Electrolux
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Enterprise Security & Control

Security and protection of customer data is a top priority here at Zeplin. We keep your designs safe and confidential by leveraging industry standard security solutions and best practices:

- SAML single sign on
- SCIM User Provisioning
- Domain Capture
- IP Protection
- Security Review*
- Optional PEN Test*
- SOC 2 Attestation

*Included with Zeplin Enterprise Premier plan only with a minimum annual contract spend required

Design Delivery with Zeplin