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DesignOps reduces the gap between designers and the rest of the team. Sound familiar? Zeplin was built for your whole team to work together and ship beautiful products.

What is DesignOps?

DesignOps sets the norms for designers' processes and their collaboration with other stakeholders on the project. DesignOps establishes the technology stack, design methods, and the handoff process between designers and developers.

As companies scale, loose processes bog down collaboration and output. DesignOps addresses this challenge for design teams.

Your design workflow, structured

Your favorite design tools empower you to create and iterate on ideas. Where they fall short is stakeholder review and the handoff from design to development.

That’s why DesignOps is so critical at larger organizations with complex workflows. Zeplin provides structure and process to the wall of screens from your design tool into an organized workspace.

We calculated that Zeplin saved close to a month for each project because it eliminated all of the unnecessary back and forth and change requests overnight.

Lanna Solci, Senior UX Designer
Senior UX Designer  @Electrolux

Project status, never in question

Understanding what’s in design review, development, QA, or production is challenging. But Zeplin makes it simple with project statuses, keeping the whole team in the loop.

The Jira integration lets you organize projects by Jira ticket. You can also group related projects and add briefs from Notion, frames from Figma, components from Storybook, and more, all in one place.

Zeplin matches our design screens with Jira tasks in one organized place. Zeplin has saved us a tremendous amount of time, helping us deliver products efficiently to our customers.

Rob Huijben, Product owner
Product owner  @Maxserv

Administration, simplified

Zeplin enables your product team to do their best work, by removing the mundane and tedious tasks.

Version control tells the team when a design is finalized and locked. Styleguides drive consistency by surfacing design system elements to developers. Design tokens let you easily update changes in your styleguide in your code.

Integrated with the rest of your tech stack

Already have DesignOps processes? Great, publish your Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD designs to Zeplin. Then just integrate your communications tools like Jira, Trello, Slack, Teams and more.

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DesignOps FAQs

What is Design Operations (DesignOps)?

DesignOps refers to the initiatives and processes implemented to improve workflows as well as the creation and implementation of designs. This includes resource management and optimizing the handoff process to amplify creativity and impact.

Why is DesignOps needed?

DesignOps overcomes bottlenecks in the developer handoff and harmonizes the implementation of designs, leading to a more efficient design process from start to finish. This ultimately improves delivery timelines and user experience. Without a focus on DesignOps, teams waste time due to inefficient collaboration, unclear expectations, and messy handoffs between teams.

How do you implement DesignOps?

You can implement DesignOps by using Zeplin to simplify your project management and improve your handoff process. Integrations with Figma, Jira, Slack and more bridge the gap between design and implementation, making design operations easier to manage.

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DesignOps is tough. It’s why brands like Pinterest, Box, and Starbucks use Zeplin to implement DesignOps best practices and supercharge their design workflow. To see for yourself why DesignOps teams love our software, give Zeplin a try.