How DesignOps Improves Design to Dev Productivity at T. Rowe Price


Check out our chat with Sr. Manager of DesignOps Mark Figueiredo, the first person to establish a DesignOps function at T. Rowe Price.

Mark started as a designer and was intrigued by how to better operate design teams at scale. Now he works on managing DesignOps at Retirement Plan Services at T. Rowe Price, one of the world's top asset managers.


Mark Figueiredo

Sr. DesignOps Manager

@T. Rowe Price

Elliot Tu

Growth Analyst


What we'll cover:

  • How to win the buy-in from leadership to build the first DesignOps function at T. Rowe Price
  • Focusing on people, processes, and tooling to amplify design
  • Using Zeplin to improve design to development workflows

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