Version control, by design

Take back control by creating versions when you want, not when a design tool does an autosave. Publish your finalized designs to Zeplin to provide clarity to the team on exactly what to build and keep everyone in sync.

Version control, by design

Tame the version challenge

Design version control shouldn’t slow the product development process or create rework. Zeplin helps designers & developers address these challenges with features to help take control over versions.

Tame the version challenge

Publish locked designs

Screens and artboards published to Zeplin tell the team they’re ready for development. They’re also locked, so unintended edits are never a problem.

Commit Messages

No need for a magnifying glass. Document changes between versions intentionally using commit messages in Zeplin, so everyone knows everyone knows what changes were made, and why.

Design version history

Want to go back to a previous version? No problem. With version history in Zeplin, you have your own time machine where you can easily review past versions.

Purpose-built for versioning

Design tools like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD are great for creating designs. However, an infinite canvas isn't the best place to manage versions and iterations.

This is where Zeplin comes in. Zeplin handles version control by design, making precisely clear what’s ready for development — without manual workarounds like duplicate design files or enrolling the team in a crash course in naming conventions.


Wait, doesn’t Figma have version control?

Not quite. While you can “all agree” not to change the design during handoff, this gets tricky as screens and team members grow. Using duplicate design files or branches only goes so far. Keeping these unlinked files in sync becomes an entirely new job — not the best use of a designer's skills and time.


Inclusive for the entire team

Design tools can be overwhelming for non designers. The majority of features aren’t applicable to them and scrolling through endless screens can be disorienting.

With Zeplin, everyone on the team — developers, testers, UX writers, product managers, and more — can collaborate without extra training or documentation.


Version control is just the start. You’ll get optimized assets, specs, and code snippets you’ll actually use with Zeplin extensions including React, Vue.js, Angular, and Swift.


With Zeplin, you can focus on the design, and reclaim all those hours spent on unnecessary tool training, adding text layers to explain things, or preparing files for handoff. That sounds much better.

Broader Team

Collaboration is entirely different in Zeplin. Screens are organized into nested sections, including headings and tags to provide even more clarity. It’s a structured workspace for everyone.
Zeplin is a friendly place for non‑designers and doesn’t require any orientation, they know what to do and this saves me time and effort…
Katherine Lee, UX Visual Design Manager
Zeplin is a friendly place for non‑designers and doesn’t require any orientation, they know what to do and this saves me time and effort…
Katherine Lee
UX Visual Design Manager@Autodesk

Connected to the tools you love

Your design team uses Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch or Photoshop to create beautiful designs. You might also use Jira, Trello, Slack, or MS Teams to manage your workflows.

Zeplin integrates with all of these tools and many more, keeping everyone on the same page. Has a new version been published? The team will get a heads up via Slack.

Get started for free

Great products and experiences aren’t made in the first draft. Still, iteration shouldn’t be cumbersome and require the team to decipher what’s new and what isn’t.

With version control in Zeplin, you can provide the clarity the team needs, stay focused on design, and unlock the power of the entire team. This is why leading product teams rely on Zeplin to go from amazing designs to amazing products. Start with Zeplin for free today.

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