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Organization Plan


Collect your projects under one roof, browse and join them easily

Organization members can browse and join organization projects as they wish. This also means that you can simply share a link to a project, without inviting anyone manually.

Create unlimited projects

Organization members (who have the permission) can create unlimited projects, using their own accounts.

Shared styleguide

Copy colors and text styles between organization projects—no need to populate the Styleguide from scratch every time!

Access unlimited versions

Organization members can access unlimited versions of each screen, with commit messages.

Assign roles, manage permissions

Assign roles to organization members to define who can create projects, edit resources, invite/remove members and so on.

Shared billing

Organization admins can access organization's billing information as necessary, this way this information is not tied to a personal account.

Restricted member

Setup restricted members—external developers, designers—who can only access certain projects.

Priority support

Great support is a part of Zeplin's DNA, but organization members will have the priority.

Pricing perspective

7 per designer and developer

9 billed monthly

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Organization plan’s pricing is based on your total number of designers and developers—basically your teammates who need to upload designs or access technical resources like specs, assets, and code snippets.

Starting at 16 members, the Organization plan always includes unlimited projects and versions. As you add additional members, monthly fee will be prorated and changed dynamically.

You can still invite non-technical teammates (clients, PMs) to your projects for free, without inviting them to the organization. They’ll be able to view the designs—without specs and assets—and add notes!


What is a “member”?

Members represent both designers and developers, basically your teammates who needs to upload designs or access technical resources like specs, assets, and code snippets.

Why do we need to pay for developers?

The reason why we decided to go with a per designer and engineer pricing model is because both designers and engineers are our key users. In fact, engineers spend even more time on the app as they're constantly interacting with Zeplin during development, studying specs, generating code snippets.

Any other payment options, other than credit card?

Sure, on the Organization plan, U.S. based companies can also subscribe using ACH.

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