Zeplin is our source of truth for developers: the single place where we store our finalized, up-to-date designs.
Katie Riley
Design Team Lead@Envoy


Collect team projects and styleguides under one roof

Organization members can browse and join organization projects and styleguides as they wish. This also means that you can simply share a link to a project, without inviting manually. 

Create unlimited projects

Organization members (who have the permission) can create unlimited projects, using their own accounts.

Assign roles, manage permissions

Assign roles to organization members to define who can create projects, edit resources, invite/remove members and so on. 

Access unlimited versions

Organization members can access unlimited versions per screen.

Shared billing

Organization admins can access organization’s billing information as necessary, this way this information is not tied to a personal account.

Restricted members

Setup restricted members—external developers, designers—who can only access certain projects.

Priority support

Great support is a part of Zeplin’s DNA, but organization members will have the priority.

Pricing perspective

129 includes 12 seats - save 12%

147 billed monthly, $12.25/mo per each additional seat

Get Started
Get Started

The Organization plan’s pricing is based on the number of designers and developers on the team, basically anyone who needs to upload designs or access specs, assets or code snippets.

The base fee includes 12 seats, along with unlimited projects, components and versions. As you add more than 12 seats, the fee for each additional seat will be prorated and your credit card on file will be billed dynamically at the end of your monthly billing cycle.

You can still invite stakeholders who only need to view designs and provide feedback for free, and assign them as reviewers.


What is a “seat”?

Seats represent the number of users you subscribed for.

What is a “member”?

Members are users who are invited to your organization, including Developers, Editors and Reviewers.

Who needs a seat in the Organization plan?

Designers, developers (teammates who needs to upload designs or access technical specs, assets and code snippets) and admins need seats in the Organization plan.

Why do we need to pay for developers?

The reason why we decided to go with a per designer and engineer pricing model is because both designers and engineers are our key users. In fact, engineers spend even more time on the app as they're constantly interacting with Zeplin during development, studying specs, generating code snippets.

Any other payment options, other than credit card?

We offer invoice as a payment option for the Enterprise plan—contact us to start the process.

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