Amazon's Recipe for Design-to-Dev Harmony at Scale


Hear from Adam Warner, a Principal UX Designer at Amazon, as he shares his experiences in navigating the complexities of the design-to-dev workflow at a massive scale.

Amazon's company size is no secret. Learn how Adam was able to lead his four-person design team to increase their work output 4x... across both a team of 200 as well as 20 external partner teams!


Adam Warner

Principal UX Designer


Elliot Tu

Growth Analyst


What we'll cover:

  • The main source of designer-developer friction, and how to use their shared goals to unite them
  • Why he believes product team alignment starts with the design team culture
  • The invisible workflow inefficiencies that directly impact product quality and delivery
  • How Zeplin is made to cut through these challenges — thanks to locked screens, better version control, and stronger documentation capabilities for detailed flows and annotations

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