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Separate ready-to-build designs from designs in-progress


Product design is iterative. It's never entirely complete. But, developers need a starting point to bring a design to life. "Ready-to-build" designs are thoroughly reviewed and decided on by the product team. They are a "snapshot" of designs that indicate developers can begin building. "In-progress" designs are explorations that need refinement.

Create harmony by clarifying ready-to-build designs from in-progress designs so developers and the rest of the team know which designs are in development.

Zeplin in action

Zeplin, by definition, is a different environment from the design tool that stores snapshots of your designs. This separation allows designers to use their design tool for what it's best suited – design exploration – while Zeplin preserves the build-ready designs for product development team collaboration.

Publish to Zeplin

Once designs are ready-to-build, designers can select and publish frames from any design tool to Zeplin. This way, your design tool is your sandbox, your playground where you can explore and iterate. Zeplin is your stage for presenting ready-to-build designs — without the distraction of ongoing design changes.

publish to zeplin
Zeplin is the source of truth for finalized designs, if it’s not in Zeplin it won’t be in the shipped product.
Alan Chappell
Head of UX