"I absolutely love how everyone is on the same page for layout, sizing, and colors - it saves me so much time, it’s crazy." See the whole story

Shannon Tinkley logo
Shannon Tinkley
Product Designer @Slack

"I've loved working with Zeplin so far. It has eliminated the tedium of creating redlines." See the whole story

AJ M. logo
Production Designer @Pinterest

"With Zeplin there is no need to manually write out sizes or margins, type the copy, export icons. It's simply f***ing awesome and saves lots of time to focus on design explorations." See the whole story

Alex Potrivaev logo
Alex Potrivaev
Product Designer @Intercom

"We basically consider Zeplin to be our source of truth for collaborating with Engineering. If it's not in Zeplin, it's not official." See the whole story

Jason Stoff logo
Jason Stoff
Sr. Designer, Digital Products @Starbucks

"Zeplin has been amazing in bridging the gap from design to development by automating what we've previously had to do manually which is call out every type style, measurement and color." See the whole story

Mira Sestan logo
Mira Sestan
Creative Director @ueno

"In an industry where our tools improve gradually in fairly small increments, it's so great to find something that instantly makes a massive difference." See the whole story

Alex Salas-Wardman logo
Alex Salas-Wardman
Senior Visual Designer @ustwo

"Zeplin helps me keep the documentation clean and nails the font, sizing and positioning right down to the pixel. Hands-down, my go-to tool for collaborating with engineers is Zeplin." See the whole story

Brent Palmer logo
Brent Palmer
Product Design Lead @Zendesk

"Zeplin handles the most crucial part of the process where every detail making a great design could be lost in translation." See the whole story

Arthur Bodolec logo
Arthur Bodolec
Designer & Co-founder @Feedly

"Zeplin is very impressive and came at the right time. I simply love it and not only me, my team had a little corner of love for Zeplin on our last retrospective. How cool is that? :)" See the whole story

Hoffer Gabor logo
Hoffer Gabor
Senior Designer @Prezi

"[The best thing about Zeplin is] How much time it's saved me by not having to manually spec the hundreds of screens/components I've handed off to our developers."

Greg Burke logo
Greg Burke
Designer @Shopify