Design-to-Dev Done Right, with Zeplin


If you’re building digital products today, your teams’ success is tied to quality AND efficiency. It’s not just about designing beautiful apps — it’s shipping products faster, while still exceeding user expectations.

Design-to-dev collaboration is central to digital product success, a space Zeplin pioneered starting in 2018. Join Zeplin’s co-founder Berk Çebi as he walks through the suite of design delivery capabilities for effective handoff and more — like documentation, organization, and task management features for faster production speed, higher app quality, and tighter organizational alignment.


Berk Çebi



Elliot Tu

Community & Growth


During this session, we'll cover:

  • Core principles that set your projects up for success
  • Organization tips and examples for teams of any size
  • Info architecture methods for your devs
  • Documentation practices for digital behaviors
  • A sneak peek into a faster way to maintain your design system!

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