DesignOps Benchmarking Report: Top Insights & Focus Areas for 2024


DesignOps Assembly just released their annual DesignOps Benchmarking Report, the de-facto industry benchmarking report of DesignOps. Together with Adam Fry-Pierce, partner at the DesignOps Assembly & Senior Staff UX Program Manager at Google, and Jules Monza, the lead researcher for the DOA Benchmarking Report, we'll discuss what DesignOps leaders can do with the findings.


Adam Fry-Pierce


@DesignOps Assembly

Jules Monza

Lead Researcher

@DesignOps Assembly

Elliot Tu



During this session, we'll:

  • Summarize the most valuable data & takeaways from the survey of over 300 DesignOps pros
  • Share what the data confirmed about hot topics like AI, job market, design systems, and more
  • Reveal surprising insights about what isn’t working in team workflows, and why productivity and morale are suffering as a result
  • Provide action items teams can incorporate into 2024 strategy, including how tools like Zeplin and Omlet can help meet the organization goals and also DesignOps efficiency and ROI

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