How Little Caesars Pizza Became a Digital Company


Yes, Little Caesars, the pizza company. 🍕 Like many food and beverage companies, Little Caesars used to meet their customers’ needs solely in-store. But as the industry rapidly went digital in the last 5 years, so did they.

With a singular focus on customer satisfaction and speed-of-purchase, Little Caesars is now a digital leader in their industry. Join us and Erica Olson, Little Caesars’ Lead UX, as she shares how her team went from not even having online order, to having a 4.5+ star-rated Pizza Portal app driving pizza sales worldwide.


Erica Olson

Lead UX

@Little Caesars

Elliot Tu

Community & Growth


During this session, we'll cover:

  • How much it’s paid off to prioritize their user needs over pure aesthetics in UX
  • Their structured approach to driving UX quality and efficiency from product to design to dev
  • Why Zeplin's their source of product truth and approvals for the entire org, including QA, product owners, ops, and marketing
  • Key capabilities in Zeplin that fuel production speed and success across all their product lines, including documentation, organization, and team workflows

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